About us

“My NFC Business Card” is an Italian Team located near Venice and composed by coders, graphic designers and and professional printers with an unbridled passion for ecological technology, we have also invented a word to define our vocation: ” Tecno-Ecologia ” and that is the use of technology only and exclusively if it has proven benefits on environmental protection, sustainability and saving resources including economic ones for people or companies.

Try our NFC digital business cards with QR Code to have the best service and quality at your disposal.

The project was born thanks to the support of Sviluppo Progetti which believed in the potential of the “My NFC Business card” project in the new panorama offered by the so-called “internet of things” market.

Smart Business Cards in the Internet Of Things

Our team has decided to develop NFC technology applied to web services in order to give a product with a higher added value than the competition, which was able to bring the recognized quality of  Made in Italy in these new markets that split services to the sale of “Digital Business Cards” online.

About us - My NFC Business Card - Ecological digital NFC business card

Our business cards are born from a careful analysis of what the market offers today, we tested the nfc business cards of the main competitors, we understood the weaknesses that were in the related services and in the quality of the final product. Our business cards feature powerful NFC tags to guarantee our customers a true contactless experience thanks to our custom laser engraved Bamboo and Steel business cards but also with ecological UV color printing on all kinds of materials, Bamboo, Steel, Recycled PET and Carbon Fiber.

Choose the material you prefer, are you a person more linked to the green? Bamboo is for you.
Do you prefer the precision and durability of steel? We have the best hybrid cards to spread your contacts. 

Our team is made up of programmers, graphic designers, webmasters and marketing staff, we are a young team that proudly represents the Italian culture trying to always give the highest quality in the products and services offered. When costumers are happy with our business cards are happy about us, and that means that the job is well done.