An NFC business card or NFC business card, also called a smart business card or digital business card is a business card in which an NFC tag has been inserted that allows smartphones, tablets and PCs, to be detected and exchange information.

There are many solutions in the market, we believe that this tool can help people exchange information while reducing the waste of paper and plastic.

We have used this technology with sustainability in mind, avoiding the disposability of paper and plastic, many will offer you plastic or paper NFC business cards, the question is why? Why keep wasting resources when you can have one business card for as many contacts as you want ? Choose for a responsible purchase, buy one of our environmentally sustainable NFC business cards.

MNBC business cards are cards that contain within them an NFC chip that wirelessly sends your information. Bring the MNBC business card close to a smart phone and that’s it, in a few moments a pop up will appear on the screen that, if selected with a simple touch , will display your business card directly from the browser of the smart phone.

From your page then the user will be able to save you directly to the address book thanks to the vcf file download, or for example visit your site or social pages.

For older phones without NFC technology, it is possible to request engraving of a personalized QR code for scanning through the smart phone camera.

  1. Choose your MNBC, Bamboo or Steel card?
  2. Select the customization options you want.
  3. Make the Payment and wait for the registration email.
  4. Click on the Link you receive from MNBC via email.
  5. Log in to the MNBC website.
  6. Enter your information and customize your MNBC page under the “my account” section.
  7. Now it’s a matter of waiting a few days for your personalized MNBC card to arrive.
  8. Arrived? Good, your MNBC is already programmed and ready to use.
  9. Remember you can change your MNBC information whenever you want by logging into your restricted area from mynfcbusinesscard.com.

The meaning of the acronym NFC is that in English it means ” Near Field communication” or proximity communication is a technology similar to bluetooth, find out more about this technology.

When purchasing your NFC business card, you will be asked to upload logo and name that you wish to engrave as early as at the purchase stage of the eco-friendly NFC digital business card. Then you can change the contents of your business card at any time by logging into your MNBC restricted area where you can change any information in real time as many times as you wish.

The possibilities are virtually endless as this technology has many case studies for its use. However, we find that the most common are precisely address book contact for salespeople and companies, social media pages for influencers and promoters, Web sites, and product information.

Once purchased you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to create a profile. This is where you can add all your contact details, links to your facebook page, instagram, Tiktok, upload PDF files for catalogs or menus, images, etc.

Our digital -nfc business cards NFC business cards are secure in terms of data security and durable in terms of eco-friendly material choice, your profile is protected in our Italian servers.
In addition, you are not sharing information that you fear could be disseminated.
All of the information shared is generally details found on any traditional printed business card.

We have included the Paypal.Me button that allows you to enter the direct link to the payment from the Paypal circuit linked to your account. So this tool allows you to leave the interlocutor in addition to my contact information also a form of immediate payment. This is a very useful function for all people who perform occasional services or otherwise want to receive digital payment at the same time as performing a professional service.

You can change your information in real time in seconds within your online profile by logging into your restricted area at www.mynfcbusinesscard.com

No, our NFC business cards are eco-friendly and do not need APPs to work. We have developed technology similar to Apple and Android Pay, your NFC business card will definitely be compatible with all smartphones produced from January 2017.

All Android devices and all newer iPhones are compatible with our MNBC touch feature. For i older phones, we recommend using the QR Code.
Please visit the link for the full list of devices: https://mynfcbusinesscard.com/en/nfc-businesscard-android-iphone-compatibility/

Yes, it is possible! You can purchase an NFC business card package for your company, or for your vendor network by writing to buy@mynfcbusinesscard.com to receive a free customized quote.

Of course you can ! You can add two PDF files within your confidential account. This feature is designed for all those who need to show a PDF document such as a catalog, a menu or a price list, but also a Chamber of Commerce view or a Green Pass QR Code always at hand.

Yes, we were the first in Italy to give this Green Pass service via NFC. With our NFC business cards you can insert your green pass as well. Conveniently upload your green pass image inside your profile from your PC or smartphone , save your profile changes and your green pass key of your eco-friendly NFC digital business card.

Very often it may happen that your smart phone is empty and no paper copy of the green pass green certificate.
In this contexts you will find it convenient to pull out your NFC business card made of eco-friendly metal or bamboo to solve the problem. Place your NFC business card on any smartphone and there is your green pass available in seconds.
Never again out of venues or events due to forgetfulness or a dead battery. MNBC’s smart business card takes care of that!

Yes, this service is by subscription, by purchasing your ecological NFC business card you have included in the price the first year of using the platform that allows you to change your data whenever you want from smart phone, from the second year the renewal price is 12€ including taxes.

The subscription is used to keep your digital web space active, which will always be updated with new features that you can use.

The subscription to the platform is a guarantee of security, very often what is offered to you in free form is not necessarily guaranteed, why entrust your data to someone who tomorrow just because it is free could divest the service ? With my nfc business card you have the security of having a secure and continuously developing platform to always give you the best service.

You can conveniently pay for subscription renewal with renewal via credit card or Paypal.

Not renewing the subscription means that the business card will not be cancelled but only blacked out while waiting for payment.

Custom link is an extra feature that can be activated at the time of purchase at a one-time cost of 10€, this service activates an entry within your account that allows you to enter a second web link to which your NFC business card points. When this feature is active your NFC business card will direct users to this address. This service is widely used by businesses for promotional launches of a new product or service.