Bamboo NFC Business Cards

Bamboo NFC Business Cards

Starting from € 39,90 with annual fee (€ 12,00) included


Product Description

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My NFC Business Card (MNBC) Bamboo NFC Business Cards represent a revolution in the world of professional networking and corporate sustainability. With an innovative and sustainable perspective, we offer a smart solution to make your networking more effective and environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Our Bamboo NFC Business Cards

  1. Sustainability and Environmental Respect:

    Our bamboo NFC business cards are an eco-friendly choice for professionals and businesses that want to reduce their environmental footprint. We use bamboo, a highly renewable natural resource that grows quickly and requires less water and chemicals than traditional paper production. In addition, the bamboo cultivation process does not involve deforestation and helps preserve natural habitats.

  2. Zero waste and reduced pollution:

    With bamboo NFC business cards, you say goodbye to paper waste and the need to constantly reprint your data. A single physical card can last for years thanks to NFC technology. This not only reduces the consumption of natural resources, but also helps to combat the problem of disposing of traditional paper business cards.

  3. Ease of use and quick sharing:

    NFC technology makes it extremely easy to share your contact information. Simply tap your business card to your contact’s phone, and a pop-up will automatically appear on their screen, allowing them to save your details quickly and easily. This is a modern and convenient alternative to traditional paper business card exchange.

  4. Advanced customization:

    Our bamboo NFC business cards offer a high degree of customization. High-quality laser engraving allows you to create a unique design, while the inclusion of a QR Code that links to your online profile amplifies your digital presence. Upload your company logo and create a business card that fully reflects your corporate identity.

  5. Covid-19 safety:

    In an era where hygiene and safety are paramount, our bamboo NFC digital business cards are the ideal solution. NFC technology is contactless, which means there is no risk of transmission of viruses or bacteria during the sharing of your data. Just a simple touch (“Tap & Share”) to exchange information safely and responsibly.

  6. Durability and robustness:

    Bamboo NFC business cards are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. With a thickness of about 2 mm, they are sturdy but lightweight, ideal for being safely stored in your wallet or business card holder. The quality of materials and Italian craftsmanship ensures that your card maintains its integrity over time.

  7. Management platform subscription:

    Our subscription service ensures that your bamboo NFC business card remains always up-to-date and state-of-the-art. With new features constantly being developed, you will have access to a complete management system to keep your data up-to-date and optimize your professional networking.

  8. No app required:

    No specific application is required to use our bamboo NFC business cards. They are compatible with the NFC technology found on almost all modern smartphones. For older devices, such as the iPhone 7, you may need to manually activate the NFC feature.

In summary, MNBC’s bamboo NFC digital business cards are not only an eco-friendly solution, but also a practical and modern choice for business. Combining advanced technology and environmental sustainability, these business cards represent the future of professional networking. Choose MNBC to make a difference and leave a positive footprint, both in the business world and the environment.

Technical specifications:


If you like our standard design, just upload your info and logo already in the card purchase phase. You can then change the contents of your ticket at any time by connecting to your MNBC reserved area where you can change any information in real time as many times as you want.

MNBC business cards are cards that contain an NFC chip inside that sends your information wirelessly. Bring the MNBC business card close to a smart phone and you’re done, in a few moments a pop up will appear on the screen which, if selected with a simple “tap”, will display your business card directly from the smart phone browser.Dalla vostra pagina poi l’utente potrà salvarvi direttamete in rubrica grazie al download del file vcf, o per esempio visitare il vostro sito o le vostre pagine social.
Per i telefoni più vecchi sprovvisti della tecnologia NFC, è possibile richiedere l’incisione di un codice QR personalizzato per la scansione attraverso la fotocamera dello smartphone. 

  1. Choose your MNBC, Bamboo or Steel ticket?
  2. Select the customization options you want.
  3. Make the Payment and wait for the registration email.
  4. Click on the Link you receive from MNBC via e-mail.
  5. Log in to the MNBC website
  6. Enter the information and customize your MNBC page in the “my account” section
  7. Now it’s a matter of waiting a few days for your personalized MNBC ticket to arrive.
  8. Arrived? Well, your MNBC is already programmed and ready for use.
    Remember you can change your MNBC information whenever you want by accessing your reserved area from the website.

The possibilities are virtually endless as this technology has many case studies for its use. However, we discover that the most common are precisely the contact in the address book for commercials and companies, the social media pages for influencers and promoters, websites, your Paypal contact for payments or information about your products.

Una volta acquistato riceverai un’e-mail con un invito a creare un profilo. Qui è dove puoi aggiungere tutti i tuoi dettagli di contatto e le maniglie dei social media, ecc.

You can change your data in real time in a few seconds within your online profile by accessing your reserved area on

No, these business cards with NFC technology do not require an application for Android or IOS smartphones. This technology is similar to that used for Apple Pay or Android Pay, most phones are compatible today. Our system uses the browser you normally use on your smartphone or tablet to visit websites.

All Android devices and all iPhones from version 7 or higher are compatible with our MNBC touch function. For older phones, we recommend using the QR Code.
Please visit the link for the complete list of devices:

Yes, it is possible! You can purchase a package of cards for your corporate commercial network by writing to for a personalized quote.

Our business cards with NFC technology are safe, your profile is protected on our servers.