Metal NFC Business Cards

Metal NFC Business Cards

Starting from € 79.90 with annual fee (€ 12,00) included


Product Description.

Metal NFC Business Cards

Why I should buy Eco-Friendly Metal NFC Business Cards?

There are many reasons to choose Metal NFC business cards. For years and years the practice was to print kg and kg of paper.
Why you should continue like this? It’s time to change and save the environment, it’s time to reduce pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, with MNBC metal NFC business cards you can start with a small change that saves you and the environment around you in the long run.

How many paper business cards have you wasted? How many were lost and so was your contact details?

My NFC Business Card also puts an end to this problem. You will buy only 1 physical copy of your digital NFC business card and thanks to
NFC technology you will exploit the potential of Smartphones & Tablet to make sure you share your contact details in the best way technology can offer.

Just bring the Smart Phone close to our Metal NFC Business Card and a “pop up” will automatically appear on the screen, tap on that to open up your digital business card on the web browser. No App Needed.
On your custom digital page we created some smart & “quick keys” to ensure that the contact is finalized as soon as possible, try our powerful shortcuts such as
“Save to Address Book”.
This key allows the user to save you in the phone book with all your data organized.

What do you mean by “Covid Free” ?

We have created the first Covid Free digital NFC business card thanks to the power of our best quality NFC, these business cards are contactless so it is absolutely a product that protects everyone from the transmission of viruses and bacteria, why ? Because no contact is needed, just get it close to the smartphone  and that’s, it .
Wooden Bamboo Digital NFC Business Cards will be immediately recognized by smartphones or with the tablets in seconds.

How does the customization of a bamboo wooden digital business cards works?

We have different options you can choose during the purchase process. We do a laser engraving on both sides of the card according to the required options. The laser we use is of very high definition and is also able to print the QR Code containing the same link inserted in the NFC present in our Metal NFC Business Cards. You can upload a logo in Jpeg, PNG or BMP format from your personal area following the payment procedure.

What about Shipping Costs ?

We can ship Worldwide with tracking codes as soon as your order take off with DHL Express Shipping, prices depends on the shipping area:

  • Italy: Free Shipping
  • Rest of European Union Shipping Price: 16,99€ DHL Express Shipping.
  • Rest of the World Shipping Price: 30,00€ DHL Air Shipping.

Do I need an App on my smartphone to use your digital NFC business card?

You do not need any specific App to use our Metal NFC Business Cards, these digital business cards are ready to go and compatible with all Smart Phone devices that have been using NFC technology for years.
Generally the NFC technology is already active on your smartphone, but it can happen for some older models (older than 5 years) such as the Iphone 7 it is necessary to activate the device manually, only the activation in this case your phone will detect the NFC card. You can watch the video tutorial clicking here.
To find out more, visit our web page page for compatible devices.


If you like our standard design, just upload your info and logo already in the card purchase phase. You can then change the contents of your ticket at any time by connecting to your MNBC reserved area where you can change any information in real time as many times as you want.

MNBC business cards are cards that contain an NFC chip inside that sends your information wirelessly. Bring the MNBC business card close to a smart phone and you’re done, in a few moments a pop up will appear on the screen which, if selected with a simple “tap”, will display your business card directly from the smart phone browser.Dalla vostra pagina poi l’utente potrà salvarvi direttamete in rubrica grazie al download del file vcf, o per esempio visitare il vostro sito o le vostre pagine social.
Per i telefoni più vecchi sprovvisti della tecnologia NFC, è possibile richiedere l’incisione di un codice QR personalizzato per la scansione attraverso la fotocamera dello smartphone. 

  1. Choose your MNBC, Bamboo or Steel ticket?
  2. Select the customization options you want.
  3. Make the Payment and wait for the registration email.
  4. Click on the Link you receive from MNBC via e-mail.
  5. Log in to the MNBC website
  6. Enter the information and customize your MNBC page in the “my account” section
  7. Now it’s a matter of waiting a few days for your personalized MNBC ticket to arrive.
  8. Arrived? Well, your MNBC is already programmed and ready for use.
    Remember you can change your MNBC information whenever you want by accessing your reserved area from the website.

The possibilities are virtually endless as this technology has many case studies for its use. However, we discover that the most common are precisely the contact in the address book for commercials and companies, the social media pages for influencers and promoters, websites, your Paypal contact for payments or information about your products.

Una volta acquistato riceverai un’e-mail con un invito a creare un profilo. Qui è dove puoi aggiungere tutti i tuoi dettagli di contatto e le maniglie dei social media, ecc.

You can change your data in real time in a few seconds within your online profile by accessing your reserved area on

No, these business cards with NFC technology do not require an application for Android or IOS smartphones. This technology is similar to that used for Apple Pay or Android Pay, most phones are compatible today. Our system uses the browser you normally use on your smartphone or tablet to visit websites.

All Android devices and all iPhones from version 7 or higher are compatible with our MNBC touch function. For older phones, we recommend using the QR Code.
Please visit the link for the complete list of devices:

Yes, it is possible! You can purchase a package of cards for your corporate commercial network by writing to for a personalized quote.

Our business cards with NFC technology are safe, your profile is protected on our servers.